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American Notary USA Selects SIGNiX for Remote Online Notarization

Source – PRWEB – January 11, 2021

More than 1,500 notaries now have access to SIGNiX’s secure, cost-effective RON (remote online notarization) platform

American Notary USA, a network of over 1,500 notaries, today announced it has selected SIGNiX as its recommended remote online notarization (RON) platform provider.

“At American Notary USA, we understand that every notary needs to have a reliable and secure platform to operate their business efficiently,” said Wayne Lewis, American Notary USA CEO. “We are proud to partner with SIGNiX as our recommended RON provider. SIGNiX distinguishes itself by giving notaries affordable, direct access to the RON technology needed to serve customers anywhere, anytime. Transactions that previously required hours or days to complete can now be accomplished entirely online within a matter of minutes.”

SIGNiX, a pioneer in Remote Online Notarization technology and the leading cloud-based digital signature provider in North America, allows notaries and companies that employ notaries to perform remote online notarizations without outsourcing to third-party notaries. SIGNiX’s eNotaryDoX product provides a comprehensive e-notary solution including audio-video and identity verification technologies, ensuring maximum security and data privacy. Identity authentication associated with RON is far more trustworthy than in-person authentication methods, and audio-video recordings provide undeniable proof of any attempted fraud.

“We are proud to work alongside American Notary USA to help notaries across the country operate their business safely and securely,” said SIGNiX CEO Jay Jumper. “Our partnership with American Notary USA will provide thousands of notaries looking for new business opportunities with access to SIGNiX, while offering significant improvements in customer convenience, cost-effectiveness, and security.”

About SIGNiX:

SIGNiX was founded with a mission to bring safe, secure digital signatures and eNotary solutions to highly regulated industries, including real estate, title, wealth management, financial services, government healthcare, and life sciences. SIGNiX owns eight patents and is the largest cloud-based digital signature provider in North America.

For more information, please contact Pem Guerry at 423-305-7041, email or visit the SIGNiX website at

About American Notary USA:

American Notary USA is a Virginia-based network of over 1,500 notaries. Their mission is to connect notaries with companies and organizations who need them and provide effective ways for notaries to showcase themselves on the internet. American Notary USA eliminates man-in-the-middle charges for connecting notaries with opportunities and actively engages notaries and customers to assure service requirements are effectively met.

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