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Florida Notary Division to Publish List of Online Notaries

February 12, 2021-RePatch Staff-ReleaseWire

Every Department of State has strict regulations regarding notary publics, oaths, affidavits, documents, licensing, and supplies, in addition to other notary duties.

About Florida Senate Bill 228

The Florida Senate Bill 228, currently in Judiciary, stipulates the following “Authorizing an employer of a notary public to require the use of a particular technology and provider in performing a notarial act with respect to an electronic record; modifying requirements for entries in the electronic journal maintained by an online notary public; clarifying that an online notary public is entitled to select his or her remote online notarization service provider; clarifying limitations on fees charged for online notarizations, etc.”

If the bill is passed, it will require the Florida Department of State to publish, via its website, a list of online Florida notaries regarding the following information:

– Online notary’s past and present RON service providers

– Effective dates during which the Florida online notary public used each RON service provider (as identified pursuant to ss. 117.225(5) and 117.265(5)(b)

– RONs will file a self certification verifying its audio-video communication technology and all elements associated with it to satisfy state requirements, rules, and regulations (certifications shall remain active for one year from the date of filing)

– RON service providers who are the subject of an active self-certification

In addition to the list of online notaries, the bill requires that a RON service provider will have completed the appropriate tamper-evident technology requirements. This includes technology that clearly shows any changes or modifications that were made to an electronic record once verified, accepted, and filed with the state.

Lastly, the bill forbids a RON provider to use, sell, transfer, or offer to sell any personal information obtained while performing notarial duties. This personal information includes identifiable details regarding a principal, a witness, or a person named in a record used for a legal online notarization.

About the American Association of Notaries – Florida Notary
The American Association of Notaries(AAN) was established in 1994, initially beginning its membership organization in Texas. Within a matter of years, AAN expanded into other states, and became a full-service, one-stop-shop company for all of your notary needs. Since its inception, the American Association of Notaries – Florida has upheld the standards of notary practice set forth by the state, advocated for stronger notary laws, and has provided education and seminars to those that want to improve their skills, and resources to those that want to become public notaries.

Source: American Association of Notaries
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